About Us

Miniature Mail began humbly in 2018 when Justin Powell—our postmaster—handcrafted a tiny letter for his wife in hopes that it would help her feel better during post-surgery recovery. Her response was so overjoyed that he decided to give the rest of the world an opportunity to share the same kind of joy with their loved ones.

Here at Miniature Mail we believe in the unexpected emotional power of two things: old-fashioned letters, and miniatures. That’s why we combined them into one product; we want everyone to experience the surprising warmth that comes with a little letter.

In today’s world of buzzing technology and instant access to the internet, email, text messages, etc., personal and thoughtful correspondence is sadly a thing of the past. A personal letter says so much more than merely the words on the paper—now more than ever, it carries a deeper significance. It means the sender cared enough to slow down a little and send you something real that you can hold in your hands; you can feel the texture of the envelope, smell the aroma of the paper. And you can save it in a shoebox and keep the memory forever.

Miniatures give us a sense of security because they are so small and vulnerable. They do not threaten our control over whatever small domain of life we command—they will fit into our realm no matter how limited. A miniature item is truly yours; you will not have to leave it behind or throw it out if circumstances change.